The Big Saturday Adventure

11 Nov

We were out for six, count’em SIX hours today!!  Whoop whoop!!  It was a glorious day of shopping, a movie and dinner.   Mom and I, being the renegades we are, saw an afternoon showing of the very riveting and Oscar-potential movie ‘Pitch Perfect’…I am forever a changed woman.  After, we covered the mall again and are now on a first name basis with the Teavana guy – he’s AWESOME…at making us tea.  Last stop was The Cheesecake Factory for a scrumptious dinner.

Did I mention the best thing about today was being out of the hotel room for 6 hours??  I think/hope the worst of the face swelling is over. I’m finally starting to feel less squirrely and more human.  I’m even becoming fond of the nose cast and the funny looks I get.  Not fond enough to keep it beyond Tuesday tho!  Only 3 more sleeps until it comes off.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we’re going to go for a 3 hour tour of Dallas.  It’ll be nice to see more of this city than the hotel, hospital and mall across the street.

To my Bermuda family, YEAH RUGBY CLASSIC!!!!!

Nov 10 morning pic:

2 Responses to “The Big Saturday Adventure”

  1. Aurora at 4:49 am #

    wow you look amazing!

  2. Caroline at 7:10 pm #

    Ugh…. Rugby hangover

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