The Daily Routine

11 Nov

Here’s a little look into what happens behind the closed doors of a recovering revision rhinoplasty patient.  The day starts with a pain pill, an antibiotic, a bromelain tablet,  some vitamin C, and arcania montana pellets.  Then it’s nose cleaning #1 which involves hydrogen peroxide, mupirocin ointment, lots of qtips and a very gentle touch.

Next is breakfast.  Not much to say except there’s a daily buffet in the hotel, and it’s actually pretty good.  After breakfast, comes some face icing, hotel tidying up, day planning and a nap.

After the morning nap, it’s time for nose cleaning #2, then the afternoon/evening outing.  After a long full day we’re back the hotel.  Just before bed, there’s nose cleaning #3, round 2 of antibiotics, more face icing and relaxing.

The time is going by quickly, now only 2 more sleeps until the cast and splints are removed, and 3 more sleeps until back in Bermuda.  I am starting to miss the Bermuda scene, my beautiful friends and wonderful boyfriend.  They’ve brought a smile to my face by sending gorgeous flowers – Thanks guys, xoxo!!

Tomorrow is new haircut/color day – no more ponytails…stay tuned 🙂

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