RealSelf Review

25 Nov

It’s been 2 1/2 weeks since surgery.  Below is the review I posted on RealSelf.  More pics to come in  a few days, but yes the swelling is coming down, most of the stitches have dissolved, and I’m almost ready to start training again.  Yippeeeeeee!!!

After going through a less than satisfactory primary rhinoplasty three years ago, I started the quest for a revision rhinoplasty surgeon.  It took hours and hours of research along with numerous consultations to find the right person – Dr. Cochran.  He and his whole team at the Gunter Center are amazing!

My nose fell into the bulbous and asymmetrical tip bucket, and I was told time and time again that it was a ‘difficult nose’.   After the first surgery, I still had a bulbous and asymmetrical nose (albeit smaller), but the worst of it was there was a loss of support in the nasal walls which created breathing issues.  Needless to say, I was very hesitant to go for a second surgery, and was constantly asking myself – What if it gets worse????

When I first learned of Dr. Cochran I started reading the reviews, and they were all positive.  That initially got me suspicious.  Nobody is THAT good, I thought.  But hey, I also figured it was worth a consultation and see for myself.  The consultation took between 1-1.5 hours, included 3D imaging (DON’T have surgery without one), a thorough exam of my nose and lots of information sharing.  Dr. Cochran was patient, caring and was incredibly specific.  The approach was:  lets work together on what you want your nose to look like, then we’ll talk about how we can make it happen.

After returning back home to Bermuda, knowing I had found my guy, surgery was booked.

The day of surgery came and went without issue.  Anyone who’s had surgery knows the fun and joy of coming out of general anesthesia.  Fortunately I wasn’t sick or anything, just a little groggy.  The team of pre- and post-op folks took amazing care of me.   There was minimal bruising and a few days of swelling after surgery.  Nothing horrible, but I definitely was out of commission for the first 4 days.   The splints came out one week after surgery and wow was my nose swollen!!   Even with the swelling I could see that the bulb was gone, the tip was symmetrical and I could breath without my nostrils sucking in.  The thing I appreciated most about Dr. Cochran is how he set my expectations.  He told me:  your nose is going to be very swollen – it was.  It will look huge right now – it did.  The swelling will start to go down in the next few weeks, but will be around for 3-4 months, and with my nose will probably continue for over a year.

I’m now 2 ½ weeks post surgery.  My nose still feels huge, and isn’t particularly photogenic but I can tell the swelling is coming down.  I feel better every single day – even on the days where the swelling isn’t even – this too is normal.  I can’t wait until I reach the 4 month mark J

Dr. Cochran essentially reconstructed my nose to make it work better and look fabulous.  All he does is noses, and that alone speaks volumes.  He is definitely worth a consultation for those searching for a surgeon.

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