One Face, Three Noses

3 Dec
Original Nose

Original Nose – Nov 2009

After Primary Rhinoplasty

Two years after the first surgery

2 1/2 Weeks after Revision Surgery

2 1/2 Weeks after Revision Surgery

2 Responses to “One Face, Three Noses”

  1. RAK December 30, 2012 at 4:23 pm #

    How’s the recovery going? My daughter had surgery with Dr. Cochran on 12/20. I’m alway curious as to the continued recovery. Once the swelling begins to subside it seems that when the dents and bumps begin to appear–rhinoplasty is not a perfect science.

    We loved Dr. Cochran. Thanks for journaling your journey! It takes some of the mystery out of it.

    • lyndenrowe January 2, 2013 at 12:16 am #

      Hi there, the recovery is going well. It is hard to be patient, and I do have some days where I’m not thrilled with the results. Then I have to remember it’s not even been 2 months since surgery. Patience is a definite must. Yes, as the swelling goes down the natural imperfections are more visible, but I can’t tell what is due to uneven swelling or what will be the final shape. What I do know is I’m the only person who notices! With my case, it’ll be probably between 1-2 years before the swelling is completely gone. At least that was my experience with the initial rhinoplasty.

      How is your daughter doing? Was there a lot of work on the tip?

      Thanks for the comment,

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