Recovery Recap: Day 0 Through Day 5

12 Nov

The past 5 days have an absolute Rowe-lercoaster…

Day 0 – Wed – Home from surgery.  No swelling, no bruising, very groggy/tired, a little bleeding, lots of codeine, lots of icing, sleep sitting up.  Comfort level = 5/10

Day 1 – Thurs – No swelling until about 4pm and then it completely takes over my face, no bruising, tired, lots of napping, a little bleeding, lots of codeine, lots of icing, sleep sitting up.  Comfort level = 3/10

Day 2 – Fri – Swollen like crazy – chipmunk cheeks, squinty eyes, horribly uncomfortable, lots of codeine, a little bit of bruising, bleeding stopped, lots of icing, sleep lying down.  Spoke with the nurse from Dr. Cochran’s office who assured me this was all normal and I’d be feeling much better in a few days.  I didn’t believe her, not even a little.  Fri was a tough day.  Sleep semi-prone.  Comfort level = -10/10 (that’s MINUS 10/10 😦 😦 )

Day 3 – Sat – Swelling starts to come down, still on codeine, less tired and more energy, went to see a movie, did some shopping and went for dinner.  The first time I actually thought there may be a light at the end of the tunnel that wasn’t someone punching me in the face.  Sleep lying down.  Comfort level = 6/10

Day 4- Sun – Swelling continues to come down, I wake up feeling almost good…and I’m a little amazed. I mean, just 2 days ago I felt like I’d been run over…could this be true?  Was Jane the nurse right??!!  Switch from Codeine to Tylenol, take a Dallas city tour, go for dinner.  No icing, no naps.  Sleep lying down.  Comfort level = 7/10

Day 5 – Mon – Swelling is almost gone, bruising has turned into a slight yellow tinge, lots of energy (was eying up the treadmill), completely off codeine.  Getting hair done this afternoon and will update then.  Comfort level as at 10:30am – 8/10 🙂  PM UPDATE:  No icing needed, no naps needed…it was another great day.  Tomorrow, the cast comes off yippee!!!!!  Comfort level stays at 8/10.

The Daily Routine

11 Nov

Here’s a little look into what happens behind the closed doors of a recovering revision rhinoplasty patient.  The day starts with a pain pill, an antibiotic, a bromelain tablet,  some vitamin C, and arcania montana pellets.  Then it’s nose cleaning #1 which involves hydrogen peroxide, mupirocin ointment, lots of qtips and a very gentle touch.

Next is breakfast.  Not much to say except there’s a daily buffet in the hotel, and it’s actually pretty good.  After breakfast, comes some face icing, hotel tidying up, day planning and a nap.

After the morning nap, it’s time for nose cleaning #2, then the afternoon/evening outing.  After a long full day we’re back the hotel.  Just before bed, there’s nose cleaning #3, round 2 of antibiotics, more face icing and relaxing.

The time is going by quickly, now only 2 more sleeps until the cast and splints are removed, and 3 more sleeps until back in Bermuda.  I am starting to miss the Bermuda scene, my beautiful friends and wonderful boyfriend.  They’ve brought a smile to my face by sending gorgeous flowers – Thanks guys, xoxo!!

Tomorrow is new haircut/color day – no more ponytails…stay tuned 🙂

The Big Saturday Adventure

11 Nov

We were out for six, count’em SIX hours today!!  Whoop whoop!!  It was a glorious day of shopping, a movie and dinner.   Mom and I, being the renegades we are, saw an afternoon showing of the very riveting and Oscar-potential movie ‘Pitch Perfect’…I am forever a changed woman.  After, we covered the mall again and are now on a first name basis with the Teavana guy – he’s AWESOME…at making us tea.  Last stop was The Cheesecake Factory for a scrumptious dinner.

Did I mention the best thing about today was being out of the hotel room for 6 hours??  I think/hope the worst of the face swelling is over. I’m finally starting to feel less squirrely and more human.  I’m even becoming fond of the nose cast and the funny looks I get.  Not fond enough to keep it beyond Tuesday tho!  Only 3 more sleeps until it comes off.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we’re going to go for a 3 hour tour of Dallas.  It’ll be nice to see more of this city than the hotel, hospital and mall across the street.

To my Bermuda family, YEAH RUGBY CLASSIC!!!!!

Nov 10 morning pic:

The Swelling Continues

10 Nov

Saturday morning came with no relief of swelling in sight.  So the icing routine continues…check out our fashionable? and creative? ice pack designs!

(BTW, the blue bag is a re-purposed barf bag)

My First Post-Op Outing

10 Nov

Fri, Nov 9 – Mom and I headed out for a stroll through the nearby NorthPark Mall tonight.  It was very nice to see the outside of this hotel, and the inside of a LV store…a wee bit of heaven for this swollen chipmunk.  No damage was done to the nose or the wallet on this adventure, though the wishlist grew.

The novelty of a swollen face, nose splints and sleepless nights is wearing off.  I hope this was all worth it…

Road to Recovery – Day 1 & 2

9 Nov

In the past two days I’ve left the hotel room for about 30 mins total.  There’s been lots of upright napping, ice packs and dressing changes.  The bleeding has finally stopped.  Swelling started Thursday afternoon and has peaked – I hope (think puffy squinty eyes and chipmunk cheeks – soooooo purrty).  My daily cockail includes codeine every 3 hrs (pain), antibiotics 2x a day (infection prevention), bromelain 3x a day (swelling), decongestants 2x a day (dripping) and arcinia montana pellets as often as I remember (bruising).  Who said Dallas wasn’t going to be a good time?!?!

On the positive, I spoke to Dr. Cochran’s office today.  They said things were right on track, and I should be getting some relief from the pain and swelling in the next few days.  Yay!!

A few fun facts about recovering from nose surgery:

1.  Forget about smiling – the top lip is basically immobile.

2. Showering is not an option, at least until the splints and casts come off.

3. All food tastes the same and has to cut into small pieces for the first few days – my mouth would only open so far.  Note:  straws are a must!

4. A companion is an absolute necessity and so is at least a week off work.

Warning:  The images below are graphic in nature and may not be suitable for all viewers

Revision Rhinoplasty

9 Nov

It’s Friday, Nov 9 and I’m two days into recovery from the revision rhinoplasty and septoplasty surgery.  I’d like to say I’m feeling fabulous, but it would be more accurate to say I feel like I’ve been punched in the face.  I have a new appreciation for codeine, ice and a doting mom.

To backtrack…the search for a revision rhinoplasty surgeon began about a year ago.  Similar to the search for the primary rhinoplasty surgeon, I spent countless hours on the internet reading blogs, patient reviews, visiting chat rooms, and reviewing doctors’ websites.  My criteria this round was to find someone who specialized in revision rhinoplasty, and had loads of experience with noses similar to mine (bulbous tip).  Again, I met with a handful of doctors, one being Dr. Cochran in Dallas.  We started with an online consultation, and a few months later I booked an in-person consultation with him.  The in-person consultation blew me away.  He was thorough, meticulous and incredibly compassionate.  He did 3D imaging so I was able to get a very comprehensive idea of what the outcome would be.  Surgery was booked in Dallas for Nov 7.

Fortunately, my mom was able to come with me to be my caregiver – the best ever!  We met in Dallas on Tues, Nov 6 in the hotel lobby at exactly the same time, even though we came in on different flights at different times from different airports…definitely a good omen.

The day of surgery started at 6:30AM registering at the Texas Institute for Surgery where I was complimented on my ability to speak english.  Guess the Bermuda address threw her off…anyway…pre-op preparations continued, and after a quick chat with Dr. Cochran, off to the OR I went.  The next thing I knew I was awake in recovery wondering when surgery was going to happen – I mean, I didn’t even get to count backwards from 10!  I’m very happy to report there were no ‘awake’ moments this time around.

I must make mention of the amazing pre- and post-op caregivers at the Texas Institute for Surgery.  They were outstanding and helped calm a very nerve-wracking experience.

Next chapter:  Road to Recovery